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Incendia's philiosophy is a simple one. We were formed in 2010 on the basis of friendship and being a social guild, and we are very keen to keep this ethos.  As the guild has grown, we have developed a penchant for raiding.  We raid in fixed groups, so the players get to know each other and fun whilst doing the pwning.

We have a good, reputable standing on Eonar (yes, its a small server, but home is home!)  :)

Incendia has some big plans as we are now into Mists of Pandaria, and will continue to grow organically , and make some waves at level 90 when the new raids hit.  We are always recruiting sociable players so please feel free to apply.  For raiding options, contact one of our officers, who will let you know the possibility of raid team placement. 

This is a game, not  a job.  If you share our mentality then why not apply to be part of our firey brethren? 

Hope to speak to you soon.

Our Guild Master is Kalu,  Co leaders are Vealthas, Rumbaba and Currin.  We're all really approachable so feel free to whisper us or any of our guildies and have a chat at any time.

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